RenewAll connects people and resources to advance neighborhood revitalization in West Huntington.

Community First

RenewAll puts the community first by leading projects that will make a difference in the quality of life now and for generations to come. The combination of community beatification projects and long-term investments in small businesses and housing provide local control over development.

Community of Practice

RenewAll's staff and board members have many years of diverse experience serving nonprofit organizations. The staff pursues certifications and professional networks to stay current on Community Development practices. These networks include Downtown Appalachia, WV Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, and the Mayor's Council on the Arts.

Community Values

RenewAll believes that many people can share their time and talents with their community to make the difference they want to see in the world. RenewAll connects people and resources to advance community goals. 
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14 STW District Plan


West Huntington is poised to become an inviting place for today’s creative community to share goods and services with visitors from across the region and beyond. RenewAll Inc. was launched in 2020 to become the champion of this masterplan for 14STW and leverage the Main Street America approach with a focus on preservation and revitalization.

The 14 STW District Plan recommendations include giving identity to the district core, connecting to satellite activity hubs for tourism and neighborhood services, celebrating a culture of making and arts in the community, improving infrastructures such as sidewalks and green spaces, and marketing at various scales to increase effectiveness.

RenewAll is positioned as a community development corporation with community-driven real estate projects and a concentration on bringing new creative and cultural entrepreneurs to invest their time and talents into the neighborhood. These efforts support the vision of the 14STW District Plan. 

RenewAll grew out of many years of community-led projects. Our leadership served as volunteers and business leaders long before the founding of the organization. 
We carry on this community-led mission and bring new resources to amply the community's vision.

Volunteer for Litter & Beatification Projects

If you want to keep the community clean and bright, sign up to be a volunteer and select the types of projects that you would like to work on!

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Upcoming Events

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July 2024
Huntington's Forgotten Son
5:30 PM EDT, Jul 16, 2024
Huntington, WV
hosted by Marshall University and the Central City Museum
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Sunset Maker's Fair
4:00 PM EDT, Jul 18, 2024
Huntington , WV
powered by RenewAll Inc. and Village Antiques & Art
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