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At RenewAll, we prioritize the community by spearheading impactful projects that improve the quality of life, not just for the present, but for future generations. Through a combination of community beautification initiatives and long-term investments in small businesses and housing, we empower local residents to take control of their own neighborhood development.

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Our innovative projects at RenewAll ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, can actively contribute to giving back to the community. Led by our dedicated staff, the Central City Volunteer Team brings together local community members, stakeholders, partners, civic organizations, and local recovery clients. Together, we undertake various beautification projects, including planting flowers, cleaning historic markers, litter pick-up, street sweeping, and power washing. Additionally, volunteers have the opportunity to serve as social media ambassadors, assist at the Central City Museum, and participate in our community events.

At RenewAll, community engagement goes beyond volunteerism. Our staff actively work to facilitate connections between community members and our partners. We host workshops, community meetings, and distribute surveys to ensure that productive conversations lead to actionable outcomes. We are committed to fostering a collaborative environment where residents and small business owners can participate and have their voices heard.



RenewAll recognizes the importance of affordable housing options for families, seniors, and new homebuyers in the surrounding neighborhoods. Our vision is to coordinate with other public investments and revitalization activities to bring about systemic changes in neighborhood-wide livability. In particular, the West Neighborhood has been impacted by generational poverty, leading to low homeownership, high vacancy rates, and substandard rental units. Additionally, the broader Huntington community faces a decline in housing affordability due to limited choices and high demand.

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