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The Central City Museum is a museum on a mission to weave the threads of personal stories and artifacts from industries into a professionally presented narrative history of the community.  The vision of the Central City Museum is to contribute to the revitalization of the West Huntington neighborhood with a destination for residents and visitors that builds the significance of the area. 

The Central City Museum was established in 2020 as a way to preserve and tell the rich history of Central City. The Central City Museum features a primary exhibit of glass, wood products, brewery memorabilia, and other items from the shops and businesses found in Central City from 1893-1950s. The primary exhibit is part of the programming at RenewAll’s Cultural Wealth Hub located at 610 14ST W in Huntington. The many objects in the Central City Museum collection are artifacts of the craftsmanship and abundant natural resources of the region. Central City is now part of the West Huntington Neighborhood but was originally developed as an industrial midpoint between Huntington and Kenova to take advantage of coal and other natural resources traveling along the rail lines. Central City brought several farms and created a planned town centered on what is today known as 14th Street West. Glass factories, Barrel Makers, D.E. Abbott Framing Shop, Heiner’s Bakery, the Fesenmeier Brewing Company, Soda Fountains, Hardware Stores, early Department Stores, and other businesses filled the area with a bustling atmosphere. The Central City Museum is a program of RenewAll Inc., that serves a distinct destination for Heritage and Cultural Tourism. 


Visitors at the Central City Museum

The Central City Museum is a recognized destination for local history that attracts people to share their stories and collaborate with others to interpret the past and inspire the future. Museums play a critical role in shaping and defining the community's identity. RenewAll believes that creativity, culture and heritage, identity, and quality of place are fundamental to building a sustainable economy and strong community in Central City. The Central City Museum aims to understand more about Central City’s past and present in order to help shape the future, encourage participation and education, and provide the best possible experience for residents and visitors to the neighborhood district while leaving an enriched legacy for future generations.

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Experience the Central City Museum today! The Museum is open to the public and free to enter. Museum Hours are Monday-Sunday (Closed Wednesday) from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Call ahead if you would like to schedule a tour!

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Visit the Central City Museum and experience the new "Stories of Central City" Audio Exhibit! Hear the stories from our local ancestors and learn about our deep-rooted history here in Central City!